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  1. Al
    September 27, 2021 @ 8:22 pm

    With all due respect, Freddie’s influence caused EVERY single ailment Neil suffered (outside his ear issues). Can you believe that Freddie made Neil move his snare drum up to the level Neil’s navel?! He convinced Neil that was where the drums should be bc that is the center of gravity of the human body. This made Neil have to play with the majority of his weight leaning further towards the back of the kit. This made HIS center of gravity move away from the kit as opposed to BEING OVER his snare/kit. This placed undue stress on his lower back, arms and legs. By raising the snare, he also made the point of impact sooner than how Neil learned for 35 yrs up to that point. This caused his epicondylitis. For 35 yrs NEIL HAD NOT ONE SINGLE medical issue. The next thing Neil did was to move to DW (bc of various factors). Horrible sounding drums in a live concert situation. The last thing Neil did was to use the trash can lids from Sabian cymbals. Absolute garbage sounding instruments. Hate to say it, but his impatience with his growth as a drummer was the beginning of the end for the sound and music of Rush. (We won’t get into Geddy’s voice)

    -Al (been listening to Rush since 78, 52 shows, thousands spent on merch, can play any Rush song on drums, many on guitar)


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